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Clink the links to got to your characters page. This is where we will keep journal entries for the campaign. Red links are what previous journal entries that I am posting here for organization and continuity; green links are pages to put new submissions. Depending on how used to this interface I become, this could become a repository for game/setting information. The links to your characters are below:

Einar Lonewolf, Speaker of the Ugrak Maak:

- Einar’s Journal1
- Einar’s Journal2
- Einar’s Journal3
- Einar’s Journal4
- Einar’s Journal5
- Einar’s Journal6
- Einar’s journal7
- Einar’s journal8
- Einar’s journal9
- Einar’s journal10

Gorack Stonespeaker, First Son of Clan Stonespeaker:

- Gorack’s Journal1 – Falling Up
- Gorack’s Journal2 – A Path to a Son’s Redemption
- Gorack’s Journal3 – Maribelle
- Gorack’s Journal4 – Grounded
- Gorack’s Journal5 – A Fighter’s Jealousy
- Gorack’s Journal6 – Between a Rock and a Hard Place
- Gorack’s Journal7 – A Promise
- Gorack’s Journal8 – Lessons of a Father
- Gorack’s Journal9 – Executive Decisions

Leif Gunnarson, Order of the Long Bow:

- Leif’s Journal1
- Leif’s Journal2
- Leif’s Journal3
- Leif’s Journal4
- Leif’s Journal5
- Leif’s Journal6
- Leif’s Journal7
- Leif’s Journal8
- Leif’s Journal9
- Leif’s Journal10
- Leif’s Journal11
- Leif’s Journal12
- Leif’s Journal13
- Leif’s Journal14

Valor Veritas Silentas Malkorin, Keeper of Secrets:

- Valor’s Journal1
- Valor’s Journal2
- Valor’s Journal3 Justice is Blind
- Valor’s Journal 4 – Heads on a fucking pike?
- Valor’s Journal 5 – Betrayal and Redemption
- Valor’s Journal 6 – The Force that Gives us Meaning
- Valor 8 : Making Zietgiest
- Valor 9 : In shadows lie more shadows
- Valor 10: The Destiny Stone
- Valor 11: The Lexicon of Animus and Spite
- Valor 12: A Call To Serve

Earl Aerion Colywin III of Portsmith, 1st son of House Colywin

-Aerion Journal1
-Aerion Journal2
-Aerion Journal3
-Aerion Journal4
-Aerion Journal5

Jack Greenwood, of Portsmith

-Jack Journal1
-Jack Journal2
-Jack Journal3 To Kag Dorthun
-Jack Journal4 Dishonor
-Jack Journal5 The Frozen March
-Jack Journal6 Wessex Roots
-Jack Journal7 An Informal Account
-Jack Journal8 Legacy

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