Jack Journal4 Dishonor

As I leaned against the large tree which branches reach over each of my fellow, slumbering travelers, I contemplated how this band of travelers came together. This diverse lot was nothing shy of fascinating, and all seeming to be men of great importance. I’ve traveled with them for little time, and already they’ve shown honor, camaraderie, sacrifice, and great skill with both word and action. I see much potential in these men, and I’ve grown a deep respect for all of them granted the short amount of time we’ve traveled together.

This is all still much to grasp, but I stood witness to Einar when he cast aside immense power for what he believed in. I see the conflict in Gorack, the weight of his name bearing down on him and landing directly between him and the rest of us. Valor appears to be the most driven, and I feel as if he knows more about what is going on than has been said, perhaps because we simply lack the time to explain, or perhaps because the answers aren’t as clear cut as we’d like them to be. I’m unsure of Leif, but he’s damned good with a bow. While I was a little upset with Aerion for shoving me into.. the.. orb thing, I’ve come to admire his action. Beyond anything else, these men are honorable.

I pondered more on Aerion’s action in pushing me, such a simple, yet shaping action. More so, I wondered had he not, if I’d have followed at all. If it really came down to it, would I choose to lay my life on the line for these men, or would I turn cloak and vanish to save my own skin? Do I have it in me, what it takes to be an honorable man, to be my father’s son, or will I dishonor them all?

I feel a sense of purpose traveling with these men, though. I feel that here, my actions influence a real change. I’m not following orders, and I’m nobody’s servant or pawn. I will try to stand shoulder to shoulder, even should the circumstances be unfortunate for me.

I slumped back against the tree, producing a heavy sigh, watching the moonlight cascading through the tree leafs. I reached beneath my leather, retrieving the metallic pendant from Sera, grazing the design with the tip of my thumb. This is the first time since she placed it on me that I’ve touched it, or even noted its existence. While I still felt a sense of betrayal, I hoped that she was safe wherever she might be. I wanted to search for her in Wessex, but time was not that kind.

Glancing over at Silvermaul, bound and sleeping, I ran through the moments that lead me to this exact moment. Holding my former superior captive and plotting his demise. My memories under his command turned to bitter disgust in the cavities of my mind. Controversially, I thought about where I’d be had he not stabbed me in the back. I might be bound beside him. I might have been felled by the very individuals I’ve found myself allied with now. While the turnout was fortunate for me, it does not excuse his intent.

Oh, things were so simple when I was just stabbing goblins.

Jack Journal4 Dishonor

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