Gorack's Journal5 - A Fighter's Jealousy

Journal 5: A Fighters Jealousy

Einar is starting to make me look bad. When he gets that glazed blood red tint in his eyes it is time to get out of the way. I may be a sturdy mountain dwarf, but even I don’t want to be on the receiving end of whatever he happens to be swinging at a particular time. I don’t know how many times I have ended up covered in entrails of an enemy Einar has completely dismembered while he is in his rage. It is definitely a benefit to have him on my side, but I would be crazy not to watch out when he decides to go all out on our foes.

It is shameful that I sometimes want to just step aside when Einar starts ripping off limbs and beating his enemies with their own arms. I might be a bit more comfortable with it if he was still man like. Those reptilian eyes of his just make his blood lust more disturbing. Like that is his natural state of being, and if he is not tearing bodies apart he is not fully content.

That is the issue, battle seems to be his natural state. I love battle as much as the next dwarf, but it is something I train diligently for to be great at. I think Einar would be a just as good at battle as he is now even without any training. It just seems to me he is a naturally talented fighter with the strength of an ogre. Just a nasty combination. That makes it tough for me to keep up with his kill count. I am not sure if I actually can, but Dwarven pride dictates I must strive to be the best warrior on any battlefield.

If I am to stand any chance of besting Einar’s kill count in battle I am going to have to train harder. Not just that. I am going to have to innovate and be more creative in my attacks. I must pay attention to my position in a battle and take advantage of my surroundings. With training I may one day match Einar’s strength and lethality. I just must keep focusing on my training. Yes he makes me look bad because he is so much more efficient at battle than I. However I must thank him for being a good friend, as well as showing me that as good of a fighter I may be, I have a much I still can improve on.

Sadly there is one thing he has that I can never attain. Damn his long legs!

Gorack's Journal5 - A Fighter's Jealousy

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