Einar's journal10


The cold northern winds blow over the city of Wessex. The chill is a small reminder of yesterday. The dragon’s roar still echos in the hearts of them. The people are terrified. Never before have they seen such a thing… until now. Even the invasion of Kagdor Thun is now far from their minds. How many I wonder blame me for this. I even see the fear in the eyes of those whom fought with me. Are they now afraid of me? That I brought this on them perhaps? I feel eyes always upon me now… watching… for a chance to strike perhaps? Or maybe for me to strike them.

Some still see me as a beacon as hope. The golden dragonborn that lead them to salvation. The Dragon who gave up his secret to save the life of a child… Some still remember. Johnny’s hope and admiration still do not waiver however He will make a fine squire. I feel Arjon’s approval when Jonny is around… or is it pride… or maybe hope? Hope to rebuild his lost order that I am now a part of perhaps….

To hunt a dragon…. I have mixed feelings on this. A part of me wants to destroy this creature and mount its head on my wall, whereas another part of me wants to bond with this creature or even to ally with it. A yearning for the old war to be gone aches in my soul now… A gift Arjon has so graciously left me. I still see visions of grandeur from the past.. Vast statues and towers used to dot the landscape that Wessex now lays upon. The tower now known as the Tower of Kandalar is a dismal comparison of what it used to be. The ancient spire was once so tall it touched the very clouds in the valley. The Archon used this tower…. even Arjon used this tower once long ago. Those buried underneath were family of some sort or warriors of his order perhaps.. I feel a kinship that I cannot place. His sadness drowns out most of the visions as of late. Except now…. I feel anger from him… a deep seated anger.. It is time to rest. We have a long Journey tomorrow.

I am in a war torn wessex. I can smell the fear of those around me… I can hear the voices of my comrades.. I look about sword in hand, but no one is there….

“ Valor!!!, Leif!!!! Where are you?” I shout.

All that returns is silence. I run instinctually to the tower and I see them cornering an enemy….

“ I am gonna skin you alive!! These are my lands now!!” Yelled Gorack.

“ You think you are better than us? Humans have destroyed your empire before and we shall do so again.. “ Snorted Valor in disgust.

“ The sacred flame shall be denied to you again…” said Leif quietly.

As I approach, to my horror I see a battle worn Arjon… His Armor battered and worn… his scales hanging from bloody gashes on his legs and arms.. but still ready… Ready to die as a warrior.

“ Einar!! “ Exclaimed Jack, It is good of you to join the fight.

“ We have the last one Einar. We can end his kind forever.” Said Aerion with an air of arrogance.

I look down and I realize that I am human again. I have my ancestral axe in my hands. I am covered in blood and to my horror… I see bits of scales hanging from my Axe blade. As I look up Valor turns to me.

“ We all must make a choice Einar. Are you ready to make yours? To finish this? “ As he says this he points to Arjon.

I nod to him and step forward.. As I do the party respectfully parts to make a path. I can feel the world breathe as I take each step forward until I stand toe to toe with Arjon. I see a sadness in his dark blue eyes. I stared deep into his soul for what seemed an eternity. I nod to him and he back to me. Now my Axe high in the air I stop and turn. I feel the rage of ten thousand years of turmoil boil inside of me. As I close my eyes I let it take me. For the first time I feel complete. As I open my eyes I see Arjon to my left and my comrades with blades drawn.

Valor stares with disapproval and rage “ I knew you were a traitor to your kind Einar… You are no Barbarian.. you are no human!! you are an an…”

I bring my ax straight across in a wide slash before he can finish tearing his head clean off his broken body. “ Animal…………. Valor? At least I am no oath breaker. All of you now listen. I have precious little time left to save my people… to save my race. And you all worry about this squalor around you!!! I have nearly given my life for your kinds… for your wars!!! And yet still… you only think of yourselves.”

We are done here. let us pass.” As I turn to Arjon… he is not there. As I look to my comrades there is now a pile of bodies brutalized, and as I look down… In sheer horror I look down and see the burns cuts and gashes across my body….. I did this… I killed them all. As I fall to my knees Ragnork falls to the ground with a clamor, its orb glowing brightly in the night… I can still hear their voices calling to me… “ What have I done?!!!!!! why must it be this way!!!”

There is no response to my plea… and as the wind blows across the northern plains it whispers…. “ We all must make choices………… son…..”

Einar's journal10

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