Aerion Journal4

The Adventures of a Drunkard

I do enjoy my sleep. Viewing dreams that are formed through my subconscious, somehow making sense of what has happened recently, even if recent events are hard to comprehend.

Awash in the blissful blackness of my own mind i’m suddenly confronted by a green twisted face, opening its crooked maw and letting forth a primal scream, first in anger, then in fear and pain as flames engulf all, leaving only a black orb in its wake. I can sense something about this orb, something .. Wrong. Before I can set about working out its secret, the world flashes white and I awake.

I do not enjoy being awoken. Heavy footsteps approach, obviously from a massive creature, but not threatening. Einar I would assume. I hold my wine close, for he shall not take any.

Though my eyes are firmly closed I can feel his eyes upon me, pondering something, hopefully not whether he is going to eat me or not. After a short pause the man-dragon turns and leaves and I go to take another sip of wine. ‘Damn.’ I curse under my breath ‘Empty .. Perhaps Valor still has some laying around.’ I pull myself upon heavy feet and realise the world is spinning before falling flat on my arse with a thud and a ‘Fuck..’.

My throat grows dry and my head thumps to the rhythm of my heartbeat, a torrid effect of that damned dwarven ale no doubt.

I rest for a second more before standing once again, this time, to better effect. Time to see if I remember my old skills, I thought.

I begin following the claw marks in the ground and quickly find Einar walking the perimeter, this would be the perfect opportunity, I mused. I began following the Man-like-Lizard on his walk, keeping no less than 30 paces away. If we were to be attacked by assassins while he is on watch, we would all surely die.
I studied the ‘King-Dragon’ from afar, He is a proud .. uh, man, but there is a deep sorrow that eats at him and i cannot place my finger upon it.
As we round a corner I see Leif hanging from a tree ahead like some kind of monkey, He is quite the funny fellow, ever untrusting and secretive, not that I blame him, but it does make it hard to like him at the best of times. At least the facade breaks every now and then and a small genuine smile breaks through his stony demeanor. Still, If anyone is to spot me, it’d be him, best to break off my stalking to avoid awkward questions.

I sleuth to the center of the camp and almost receive a heart attack from the ever lovable Gorack jolting to his side and mumbling. ‘*mmmhmbmm* BLOODY GOB-*Snort**Mmmfffppl* axe ..mmmrrrr…’ Thankfully he remains asleep.
I stop for a second and study this great dwarf. Not that you’d know it by looking at him. Always wearing a frown, but with rosy red cheeks, this short, often angry little man will do anything for his friends and allies. Not a bad ruler by any standards.

‘Ah..’ I exclaim as my target is in sight, the priest of Ioun, Valor. As I predicted, his waterskin lays next to him. Hopefully 1839. This will be the heist of the year and he will be none the wiser! The perfect crime! I smirk as I take the fluids and raise it to my lips in triumph as Valor lunges out toward where the flask once was. Dread flushed over me. What was I doing?! Stealing from those that have taken me in, in such foreign lands! Woe is me!

I glanced again at Valor and it seems he has once more taken asleep. I’ve gotten this far, might as well take a sip! I raised the wine to my lips and take a deep glup! Disaster! It is but common water.

The priest seems to be having an intense dream indeed, sweating and thrashing around occasionally, He is a deeply complex man with more parts in plots than flasks of wine i’ve drank in a lifetime. It would be wise not to get on his bad side.

Dejected i place the container where i found it and make my way back to my makeshift bed.

Almost back I have to jump to avoid treading on the young Jack, practically camouflaged in the grass, he wares quite the shit-eating grin on his face. Sleeping too soundly for a man that has felt the betrayal he has. I’m quite surprised he is managing to sleep at all around people he barely knows. Curious.

Nevertheless. My bed of furs and dreams of my lady await me.

Aerion Journal4

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