Leif's Journal9

Message to Alhana Nahac


My journey as a guide, in the employ of the Dwarf Citadel Viceroy, and his son Gorack Stonespeaker, may soon be at an end, along with my life.

The Dwarves of Kag Dorthun have disturbed an ancient evil beneath the watchtower named for the Lady of the Fray.

The dead are rising from it, and around it, to strike down the living.

There was a thunderous disturbance in the forest. Now ashes descend from the sky like the black snow of Vestanfold, but I do not know the source.

It seems the wolves and worgs that plagued the men of Kag Dorthun were summoned by other evil men from Portsmith. Young pups were used like hostages to draw in the pack.

We’ve scattered the dogs and slain many men of the Brotherhood of Dark Ascension but they remain a threat.

They’ve harnessed the power of the Godhood, in a powdered form. Their ultimate purpose, I do not know.

After inhaling this godhood powder, I had a vision of my mother! She was trapped within a prison of emerald crystal. She called to me for help… Erevan must know what this vision means…

We also faced a dragon in the caverns, called Malythrix, who spoke of Kandelarians. And the barbarian known as Einar Lonewolf has taken the form of a dragon that walks and speaks like a man. He seeks the Sacred Flame but knows not where to find it!

Augustus Junea, the male heir to the Rhegia Nova Dominion is dead; murdered by agents of the Akashi Sultanate from the south.

His daughter, Cassandra, was rescued from the Brotherhood, but she is no woman. She has horns, upon her head, and a tail. I fear a dark power rests within her and may soon awaken. She cries out for ‘Ioun’ from the bed where we left her in the Dwarven Quarter of Kag Dorthun.

A new companion has joined my party, a noble born human sorcerer, also rescued from the Brotherhood, who seems to love this Cassandra but I know not where his loyalties truly lie.

Valor, the hunchback who helped us defeat the Hukari, has forsaken Myr and become a priest of Ioun! He continues to honor his oath of secrecy to the Tawar’hanni.

We’ve sent warning by messenger to Kag Dorthun. The walls are guarded as the Dwarves rise in prominence there. But the Laird Raan and his men were summoned north to the Citadel by the Dwarf king some time ago, and he has not returned yet.

It is unlikely they can send reinforcements and so my companions and I will delve into this crypt under the tower, alone.

If I do not return, know that I go willingly in service to Gaan to fight the dead and spare the living.

I am Leif, son of Gunnar, of the western woodsmen, and Illyanna, of the Tawar’hanni.

May Gaan watch over us all.

Leif's Journal9

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