Gorack's Journal9 - Executive Decisions

Gorack’s Journal 9: Executive Decisions

As I sit on the Iron Throne the first thing I realize is that sitting does not make me lazy. There are so many decisions I need to make, and make quick. The war has ended at least temporarily but stability is not a guarantee. I think a list is in order.

1. Bring back Karthra and Barin. Now that I am king and back at the Citadel, the safest place is back here with me.

2. Prepare the Citadel for the impending attack from the Dark Dwarves. Reports suggest they are tunneling directly in. My plan is to extend the current edge of Citadel by 500 feet then dig down 50 feet making a massive “trench” along the outer edge of the city. That way when they do manage to break through, they will either have to find a way to cross a massive 500 foot gap or climb a 50 ft sheer cliff with an army waiting for them at the top. Hopes is this will force them to retreat or negotiate.

3. Bring any remaining armies back to the Citadel to prepare for potential war with the Dark Dwarves.

4. Install a warden of Kag Dortun. My first choice would be Lief should he accept. As there is already precedent for him. If he declines I would allow for an election to be held.

5. Send an expedition/diplomats to Sky Pony Island to give aid and extend an offer of an alliance. I would like Einar to be an honorary part of the expedition and help broker said alliance if he is willing. While on Sky Pony Island a search for Gauntlgrym.

6. Extend the offer of making Valor, Aerion, and Jack part of my trusted council.

Gorack's Journal9 - Executive Decisions

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