Gorack's Journal7 - A Promise

Gorack’s Journal 7: A Promise

So it begins. I have made my choice. I am now in open defiance of my father.

I look around and I see the solemn, dirty, and dejected faces of all the refugees we are leading away from Kag Dorthun. Families huddled together, trying not to get lost in the shuffle. Mothers trying to calm, crying babies. Fathers carrying as much of their belongings as they could manage. Humans and Dwarves alike, it does not matter, all were driven from their homes.

A young girl right in front of me trips and falls in the mud, dropping her doll. There is a large crowd around that just continue to march forward. I stop in front of the girl and plant my feet and put my arms out. “Go around. Mind the wee lass!” I shout.

The girl grabs her doll and gets back to her feet. With tears in her eyes she turns to me and whimpers “Thank you Mr. Dwarf.”

“You are welcome. Don’t cry my dear. I know things are hard right now but I promise you things will be ok. You just need to be strong and make sure your family is strong too.”

Wiping the tear from her eyes, she reaches out and gives me a hug. “I will be strong, like you. Why aren’t all Dwarves nice like you? If they were we wouldn’t have to leave our home.”

Taken aback by the question, I pause for a moment and clear my thought. “That is a good question lass. Some Dwarves believe that your home is theirs from long ago, and are trying to take it back. Don’t you worry though, I plan on fighting on your behalf and get your home back. I am fighting for peace. I fight for you.”

“Ohh I know you will win! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Then she turned and ran back to her mother.

I have made my promise. Now I have to determine how I can fulfil it.

Gorack's Journal7 - A Promise

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