Gorack's Journal4 - Grounded

Journal 4: Grounded

The vertigo of the open sky has started to recede in recent days, for which I am eternally grateful. I cannot explain (though I have tried) how disorienting it is for a mountain dwarf to be outside. I often wondered how my grandfather ever wondered the world as much as he did. I never hear him complain about the swaying and lurching that I have been dealing with since I left the Citadel. I used to think he just wanted to seem strong and chose just not to talk about it, however I’m starting to think he actually got accustomed to it, like I am now. Dare I say I am starting to enjoy my time under the stars? The adventure has taken a hold of me.

That is the problem. I realized that as I get more comfortable on this journey, my thoughts about my beloved Karthra and Bairn have become few and far between. It is becoming much easier to be away from home and my family. The pain in my chest I felt when I would think about them and how much I missed them doesn’t happen anymore. The choking in my throat that would occur when I realized the distance between me and my loved ones, has been replaced by battle cries.

My family used to be my motivation on the journey I currently find myself. The goal to see them as soon as possible was the main driving force behind my motivations. Even as much as I love my family the adventure has taken a hold of me, much like that of my grandfather, and now the urge to get home has dissipated. I will make it back eventually, however my compatriots and our quest is now the priority. My traditional Dwarven mindset is changing in front of my eyes and I am not sure if I mind. I am my Grandfathers grandson.

Gorack's Journal4 - Grounded

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