Gorack's Journal2 - A Path to a Son's Redemption

Journal 2: A Path to a Son’s Redemption

Father maybe right. He has deftly maneuvered house Stonespeaker to quite the prominent position in the Citadel. I know he wants me to take over where he leaves off and lift our house higher even still. I do understand some of his disappointment of me. Marrying a common Dwarf in secret. Admittedly not the greatest mark for house Stonespeaker, but one I would make again in a heartbeat. Have you seen Karthra’s beard? By Moradin, the way she braids and beads it. Finely kempt brown locks hanging to her knees. Ohh forgive me it gets me just thinking about her. The point is I married for love and not for some fleeting alliance or political gain, and I get why that bothered my father. He is quite devoted to the acquisition of power.

Of course I do not blame him. There is definitely a draw to becoming powerful and rich. That draw is just much stronger for him than it is for me. I am quite content living the quit life with my beautiful wife and raising my son, teaching him the ways of stone and blade. Contracting my services out to others that seek my expertise and advising when needed. My father, on the other hand, absolutely loves the thrill of the backroom deal and maneuvering that is the political scene of the Citadel. He has proven to be very adept at it. Which is where his other source of disappointment of me comes from. He wishes that as his oldest son I took more interest and paid more attention to him when I was a lad, so I could easily step in after him and continue the ascension of house Stonespeaker. Alas my interests were elsewhere. Grandfathers stories were far more interesting to me, though still not so sure how he got so comfortable being under the open sky so much.

At the end of the day my motivation has always been family and what is best for them. If that means I must jump in and partake in the cutthroat scene that is the Citadel political arena, so be it. I must keep my wits about me if I do. Citadel politics is a far rougher game than a simple warrior like me is used to play.

Gorack's Journal2 - A Path to a Son's Redemption

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