Einar's journal8

Last Watch

“ You must make a choice Arjahn…” said a slithery voice…

“ I am not Arjahn!!! I am Einar of the…..”

“ Blah, Blah, Blah… You are Arjahn.. and you cannot deny it… embrace it young dragon… our time is near….. hahahahah”

“ Get up ya scaled wretch.. its time for your shift.” Said a stern looking Gorack.

For a minute, I was startled…. But had to laugh at the thought of Gorack actually able to look down at me. I do stand over him by at least 4 feet. He is a hearty warrior though and pure of heart. I am proud to stand with this one. I only hope that the rest of his people stand with him as well.
I looked up and nodded silently getting to my feet. Gorack then took his leave and began standing down from shift. The party looked troubled.. even when asleep.

Valor muttering to himself as always. At times if you listen, you can hear the names of streets or places.. from Portsmith I think. Always a troubled sleep for that one. I can feel…… sympathy from the orb when I think of the Priest and the path he is on. I have the feeling Arjahn may have walked his path.I look to the north as the cold wind blows through the camp.

I see Leif sitting comfortably upon a tree branch ten feet off the ground. He sleeps with his bow on his chest held by his crossed arms. I can’t help but feel like he is staring at me, even though he is surely asleep. He is always watchful and always ready to strike… I still think he does not sleep… And they think I am strange….

I break contact with Lief and begin walking the perimeter. I see Jack next. He is a curious sort. He sleeps the most soundly of all of us I think, despite his Commander betraying him and dooming his company to death. He seems to live for the moment… which may be the better of out looks at this point.

As I walk the rest of the way around the perimeter I see Aerion… His royal highness is snugged tightly in his regal cloak and bed roll with his arm hanging to one side, tightly clutching his wine skin. It is empty I would imagine. He wastes not a drop of that. I am not sure how he casts such magics in a drunken state as he must surely not be sober most of the day… and night. He has been through much though with his demon mistress… I wonder if the drink helps calm his nerves which must be on fire due to the current situation.

Lastly, I check on our prisoner. The gems in his beard seem to glisten in the light as I approach. He is faking sleep as his breathing is much too shallow. Crafty as he may be, this is not my first trip. Arjahn is wary always when I approach him. I check his bindings pulling them tighter. Satisfied, I check his meager clothes to make sure he did not sneak a blade in during his trip on the mule. He coughs and startles awake ( pretends to) while I finish. He is shivering so I drop a cloak over him.. a dead prisoner does noone any good after all. He normally stares at the ground but this time looks right at me as I cover him.

“ Do not say a word traitor” as I glare at him. “ You must pay for your crimes…. If you die too soon, your punishment cannot be doled out. Your time will come soon enough.. be thankful I allow you to breathe.”

At this I turn quickly and re walk the perimeter. As the sun begins to rise I wake my companions.. I continue to guard as they wake from their slumbers. We have a long journey ahead of us still, with many miles of ash to travel through. Where will we end up Arjahn…. What secrets will the sacred flame unlock?

Einar's journal8

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