Einar's Journal6

Awakening the Blood/ King Raganorok

The king speaks to me… not in words though. I see glimpses of the past…. Of a time long ago. His emotions are wrought between anger and sadness. His anger wells deep with in.. begging to unleash itself upon the world through me. And his sadness is of what was but now is. I cannot convey comfort or thoughts to him. At times I sense approval or disapproval at certain choices I make as well. He must be the spirit the Bear spoke of. I wonder if this is what my father spoke of? I long for his conversation and advice. It seems I must bear a mantle that is far larger than my shoulders. Am I Ragnorok or am I the result?
What do the gods have to say on this matter? Bahamut is the dragon god of justice and Tiamat the dragon god of greed. Bahamut would want me to rebuild an empire by example suppose. To be a warrior of testament and value.. to be a warrior that shows mercy and kindness.. or perhaps a warrior that is here to right the wrongs of the past. A vengeful warrior whose sole purpose is vengeance and rebuilding. Tiamat would want me to raze and plunder… Pillage and rape… He would want me to bring the fear of what is to come to the forefront… To build an Army and wipe the Nova Dominion from the history books. I admit that I am at a loss….

For me to do any of this I must first find the Sacred Flame. Maybe then the picture will come more into focus. The omen’s I have seen speak of dark signs ahead.. I saw a red star last night. IT was only for a brief second in the dragon constellation. Not many others have seen it, as most do not know what to look for. I can feel the king brooding again. He is unaware of me yet aware. It is strange, but at times comforting. I do feel the anger welling from with in though.

His anger is like a Volcano… Ancient and powerful. As we travel, I occasionally catch glimpses of his world. The world that once was. During the day I can see outlines of the buildings… even a long dead race gallivanting the streets.. I see Soldiers, shop keepers, and even children playing. I am not sure what I am anymore…. But I do know this.. I am no longer what I once was. I am now the rightful king of my race. I will relearn and discover my past and then I will visit justice like an unerring arrow. Those that have wronged my people will pay… We will rise again. I will make sure of it. My days of hiding are over. Today Einar of the Ugraak Mah is no more. The dead will stay dead and the name RAGNAROK will ring forth from the heavens!! Know that if you are my enemy you shall receive no mercy…. Only death.

Einar's Journal6

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