Einar's Journal3

The Unknown

I am old now, much like my father. They used to call him the great wolf, but now just the old wolf. He taught me much in those years. He taught me the stories of our ancestors and he taught me to reign in my rage.. to use it like a spear at the right moment. I suppose his experience wizened him, or he knew there was more to come. He told me that the tribe would not last forever and that we must be strong…. And that I would be the Lone Wolf, the one to break traditions when the time was right, when it was time to save our people. I remember laughing as he told me this.. I was only a boy then, years old. I thought what could I do? A savior our people?

When I was twelve he began educating me on the Gods. He spoke of the just and the Wicked.. He spoke of the Good and the Evil…. And He spoke of the ones that stayed to the middle. He said I would have to choose one day. He said the Ancestors could not protect us anymore. As he told me this it was as if I was thirsty and could not drink enough water to slate my thirst. He then told me that the Gods would even choose champions or servants if one was lucky enough. He winked at me the, and said “ They will speak to you when the time is right Son.” That was the last time we spoke of this. Speak to me? How I thought? They are not real. They are not here. If I cannot touch them why should I serve them?

I was 18 years old. I was leading a raiding party, 5 of us. We were about to attack a group of sleeping Regianovains when I heard a voice… It was just a whisper. “ Haste may be your undoing. “ I looked about and there was nothing… Just us. Confused I waited and then my brother tapped my shoulder pointing to 4 more Soldiers coming into the clearing. I nodded and we left the Area as we were now out numbered 3 to 1.
Einar Lonewolf, Speaker of the Ugrak Maak
I think back to these times and wonder… Is it time? My father was always so cryptic. What would the Holy man say? What would tall ears say to this as well? And what would my father say? As he thinks these he absently rubs his chest over a spot that always aches now. It feels like there is a void, an empty spot he can never fill. Sleep does not come easily anymore. The whispers are unnerving… They were unnerving to my father too…. At least I do not talk to them…

Einar's Journal3

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