Aerion Journal3

I still remember the day I first discovered my powers.

It was your typical summer’s day in Portsmith, the sun was out, the air smelt of the fresh ocean breeze rolling in alongside the ships entering the harbour with faint undertones of fish and shit, Ah, how i miss Portsmith. I was with my personal guards, De’Claude, the champion fighter whom after taking a fancy to a ‘spoken-for’ noblewoman fell from many peoples graces, and Rodger, De’Claudes loyal squire and oftentimes his pack mule. We were taking a well traveled shortcut to the main gate in order to meet up with my father and yet another group of dwarven traders, for the most part it was a pleasant walk, the only point in our path that posed any danger whatsoever would be our brief tarry into the .. poorer quarter of the city that I am sure Master Valor would be well acquainted with.
Upon exiting from the twisting back alleys, our small party found ourselves in what is the hive of scum and villainy in this great city, here the stench of piss and shit were overwhelming, bodies of those deceased days ago lay in the gutter waiting for the weekly collection as the syphilis riddled whores attempted to peddle their wares to the sailors on shore leave mere meters away. I could only take solace in the fact that across the main road and into the gatehouse would take me away from these victims to the plague of human nature.

While making our way through the stalls and crowds enveloping the streets i somehow managed to lose sight of my guards and wound up pushing through a sea of the poor, I should have known it wouldn’t have taken them long to realise i did not belong here. Before i could blink i was circled in a group of young men, quite a bit older than myself at the time, but not nearly out of their teenage years. The group were all shouting at me, somehow blaming me for their misfortune.
‘Its people like you that stop us from working, you whoreson!’ a short, malnourished one called out
‘- Fucking nobles!’ A girl shouted from the back
A huge brick all of a man stepped forward and taunted ‘Nobody to help you here, little shit!’ and he wound back for what would have been the punch that would have killed me, I swear it, I closed my eyes and made my peace with all the gods I could think of in that short time. What happened next was amazing, yet terrifying, there was a small breeze against my face and silence fell heavy on the world. My eyes cracked and once again let in the light of day in this torrid place, the crowd that was, moments ago baying for blood, were staring at me with eyes as wide as the great eastern star is bright. The man that would have ended my life, rolling on the floor clutching his malformed hand, spewing blood from what might have been the remains of his knuckle. I stood, frozen in time for what seemed like an eternity before I was snatched up and thrown over a familiar shoulder, the only voice that now that dared to penetrate this wall of silence was calling out to another. ‘Rodger! Clear a way to the gatehouse! We must make our way to the medicus. Something’s wrong with him, he isn’t responding!’.

After that fateful day my powers developed, from creating a barrier around myself to making others see what i want them to, all defensive and playful fun if you asked me. But now, these past few days with my new companions, finding my Esm-Cassandra. My powers are developing in a new and terrifying way and I am truly scared. The tears that i make in our plane of existence cannot be good, the more I bend this word to my whim the bigger the tears become and I can feel I am nowhere near the peak of my power.

The people say magics come from the gods to devout believers. But I believe in no god, so does this make me a god .. or a monster destined to destroy all?

Aerion Journal3

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