Aerion Journal2

The long journey to this damnable tower has been dull, zombie infested and assuredly lacking in wine most of the way, although the views on the trail were something to behold, they in no way, shape or form stack up against the family estate.

Ah, the Estate, how i long to be strolling its golden paths at dusk, meeting associates of my fathers to receive the gifts in the rose garden, running through the maze with my dearest Esmeralda, perhaps one of my fondest memories from summers past. I am not at the estate now though, no matter how much i wish i were.

I’m fully certain that we would be finished with the quest we have been forced into if we didn’t have to stop to help every single person we see, Its unfathomable and is simply wasting time.

After we dispatched the wretched dead Leif sensed some great evil below us that these foolish Dwarves uncovered during renovations, and while we couldn’t simply reseal whatever it is down there I do not know, but if it so great and evil, why do we have time to rest? Surely we should push on in a timely manner so we may make a swift return.

While my companions serve as an appropriate insulator between myself and the outside world, they can be infuriatingly illogical at times and their actions can confuse me. Perhaps I am more out of touch with the common folk than i thought.

Perhaps the situation may improve in the future, perhaps not. How I long to return to Portsmith, My eventual return will be grand and celebrated! .. If I can even return that is ..

Aerion Journal2

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