Aerion Journal1

My Dearest Esmeralda,

I write this letter to you, perhaps my last, from what seems to be my unintentional, albeit lucky, entombment. Fitting really, I write this to you from my grave, even though it was i that sent you to yours.

I must insist on starting this letter explaining to you that what happened, you did not deserve. Although our betrothment was little more than political maneuvering from my father, Councellor Davios, I know you held great affection towards me, as I held some to you.
If i could return and begin this fateful day once over, I would have stayed in bed, avoiding being caught with the quartermasters daughter, avoiding your scorn and resentment- No. I realise now that it was not scorn, nor resentment I saw in your eyes, but heartbreak, the anger of love such it is.
How I ramble, I apologise.
Sigh If these events had not occurred, i would not have attempted to charm you with my … Power .. the spell which backfired and caused your teeth to expel themselves from your body in a most explosive manner.
I stood by your body for what seemed like an aeon, unable to move, unable to look away as your soul left for pastures new.

Now. My entombment. This is perhaps the part you do now know of due to the circumstances that were Ahem raised above.

Your father, the Premier, burst into your quarters asking- No, Demanding to know what the noise was about, Always far too angry that man.
He stopped, motionless as I had been at the sight of you lying upon the cold marble floor.
It did not take long for that oaf of a man to turn his attention towards myself, almost unintelligible were his outbursts, I attempted to slip away towards the door, but the guards were already there, too quick. I thought my fate rested with the noose if not for a glimpse of the moatside window.

Like a madman, I dashed forward and leapt with unimaginable force through the same window I had entered through all those times before.
About halfway down I came to the realisation that the moat would not cushion my fall at all, Unlike with most fortifications, this one was just for show and could not have been more than a few feet deep.

I had to survive. I am .. I was the heir to house Colywin.

I reached out my palms and called upon every diety imaginable, when that failed, I called upon my own power. Just before I hit what would have been my watery demise I attempted to feather my fall, only to be lost in a purple haze and a great flash of light.

As the fog of my spell dissipated, only the echoes of my mind and complete darkness accompanied me. I feel ashamed to say that it took me more than a mere few minutes to realise I was not in fact once more within the dark confines of the shadow realm.It seems I found myself somewhere far more terrifying and inhospitable, a long forgotten cavern deep below the ground.

If I find my way out of this my beloved, I will rescue you from your gruesome fate, If not for your own sake, then for House Colywin of Portsmouth.

Always yours,


P.S – If an adventurer happens across my corpse, Please deliver my signet ring to Elia Colywin of Portsmouth.
Anything else upon my corpse may be picked clean, but please leave me with the last reminder I have of my dear Esmeralda, her earring she threw at me before the previous events transpired.

P.P.S – If it has been many years and my mother, Elia, has perished, please deliver the ring to one of my brothers, Vernell and Selby, or descendants of house Colywin.

Adventurer, please do not judge me for actions I could not control.
Judge me on the handsome corpse I have left behind.

Aerion Journal1

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