Leif Gunnarson

Ranger, Order of the Long Bow


A half-elven ranger of the Order of the Long Bow, a benevolent group of loosely affiliated woodsman who help travelers in need and strive to keep the forests of the Marches safe. Leif’s father, Gunnar, was an extremely skilled woodsman, and plied his trade along the western edges of the territory known as the Marches. Gunnar’s home, Vestanfold, was a small human settlement deep within the woods of the Marches. Through his efforts and proselytizing, many Rangers came seeking his training in the ways of the wood. His mother was an elven maiden of noble blood, who fell in love with the dashing young Gunnar. She forsook her homeland when she became burdened with child and moved to Vestanfold, where she was subjected to the stares and comments of an ignorant and uninformed population. Yet, even with the undercurrents of racism in Vestanfold, Gunnar was a respected member of the town who loyally stalked the woods keeping the inhabitants safe. As Gunnar’s prestige grew, so did his number of students, until Vestanfold had an impromptu cadre of rangers protecting her borders.

Leif’s natural affinity with the woods, along with his father’s teaching ensured that he would be a notable member of the Order of the Long Bow. Unbeknownst to the child, he was watched with hope by elder members of the Order awaiting his greatness as a Ranger to manifest. As the years passed, it seemed that the Western Marches would finally be opened for human settlement, with Gunnar and Leif trailblazing for the future colonist. Yet this was not to be…

While Leif was away on a hunt with his elven cousins, the town of Vestanfold was attacked and destroyed. Leif came back to witness the aftermath, which the elves blamed an Orc Onslaught, although no other attacks were ever recorded. This event effectively halted human expansion into the Western Marches and severely diminished the ranks of the Order of the Long Bow; hindering their ability to effectively patrol all of the Marches. The fate of Vestanfold is a horror known to all inhabitants of the Marches and is still sung on dark moonless nights.

Leif was reluctantly taken in by his grandfather, Erevan of the Galanodel. The young man was given freedom to roam, so he would not have to endure the stares and whispers that his mother once did. Leif grew to a man within the shade of the Ancestor Groves of the tawar’hanni, and they continued to mentor him the way of the woods until he was of age to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the order of the Long Bow.

Leif now patrols a vast area of the Marches, from the southern border of the Citadel to the eastern edges of Portsmith. He services are in high demand as he is known as one of the most skilled guides in the region.

Leif Gunnarson

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