Gorak Stonespeaker II

First Son of Clan Stonespeaker


Heir to Clan Stonespeaker of the Citadel, a powerful clan of the dwarven realm, Gorack has spent most of his life content as a wandering trader…much to the chagrin of his father Rhaegar, Viceroy of the Citadel.

Rhaegar spent most of his formative years as almost an outcast in the dwarven society. His father Gorack I, led an ill fated quest to find the dwarven homeland of Gauntlgrym, in which many high borns of dwarven society were lost. Ostracized for his quest, Stonespeaker was sidelined into a marginal position within the Citadel’s cutthroat politics. Yet the Clan was a traditional power of the mountains, and Rheagar has been able to reposition the clan near the pinnacle of dwarven society through sheer will and force of character.

Yet, most of this is lost upon Gorack II. With his father obsessed with dwarven politics, Gorack and his father clashed much over his formative years. The stubbornness of the bloodline on full display, Gorack was almost banished when he secretly married a commoner from the Under City, Kathra. Yet soon after the birth of Bairn, Gorack’s son (whom Rhaegar gloats over), and much soothing from his mother Brunhilda, Gorack was welcomed back into the fold and declared Rhaegar’s heir. Still, this is a subject mostly avoided…

Through his travels, Gorack has become known as a capable fighter, yet he hesitates to take up the mantle of nobility which is his birthright. If being a noble is a difficulty, then the politics of the realm is downright alien to him.

Gorak Stonespeaker II

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