Einar Lonewolf, Speaker of the Ugrak Maak

Barbarian from Sky Pony Island


A north-man from Sky Pony Island, he is descended from a line of great hunters who dominated his tribe, the Ugrak Mak or “the People of Home”. The tribe is known for its artisans who practice the unique art-form of scrimshaw carving. The carvings are prized by collectors throughout Gandamyr especially, the dwarves of the Citadel.

Once a numerous clan, the numbers have dwindled. Prized for their physical attributes, slavers have recently taken to raiding the island much more frequently; most bound for the Arenas of the Akashi Sultinate. Rhegia Nova, a free-city from the south, has put a permanent garrison on Sky Pony Island, further encroaching upon traditional hunting grounds. Plus, a mysterious series of plagues know to them as the “Wasting Sickness” have driven their people to dangerously low numbers. Unable to muster the numbers to defend their ancestral burial mounds, they have been pushed back to a small corner of the island by the Rhegia Novans, who have taken an uncanny interest in the burial mounds of the clan.

His people in peril, Einar was tasked by his uncle, the Warchief of the Ugrak Mak, to travel to the dwarven stronghold of the Citadel in search of assistance to drive the Nova Dominion from their homeland.

Einar Lonewolf, Speaker of the Ugrak Maak

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